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The MBA Wine Marketing & Management among the best trainings in the wine industry
The MBA Wine Marketing & Management among the best trainings in the wine industry
La Revue du Vin de France, one of the most important French wine magazines, has recently published a survey on the best trainings to work in the wine industry. In this survey, the magazine describes the wine sector, highlighting its dynamism in terms of employment and its recruitments needs in many disciplines such as business, law, finance, marketing, management, etc. It also mentions the internationalization of the sector and, therefore, of the wine trainings. Analyzing these trainings, la Revue du Vin de France classifies the MBA Wine Marketing & Management offered by BIWI/INSEEC in its selection of "degrees in business" and "degrees for leadership positions". The survey also recognizes the powerful network of Bordeaux International Wine Institute, since the school benefits from a good implementation through its alumni network and annually appoints a leading figure from the wine world sponsor of the new cohort. As an illustration of the international career paths offered by these wine trainings, the report presents the story of a young Chinese graduate, Meng Zhao, who followed the MBA Wine Marketing & Management. Since her graduation, she worked at the Bordeauxthèque des Galeries Lafayette à Paris and plans to work in Paris or Beijing in the near future.
Conference and tasting with the CAMUS Cognac Brand Ambassador
Conference and tasting with the CAMUS Cognac Brand Ambassador
Last December, the BIWI wine club « Wine About » received Fréderic Dezauzier, CAMUS Global Brand Ambassador for a conference. Mr Dezauzier shared in English his personal experience and showed « le Livre d’Assemblage Camus », a book transmitted from generation to generation of winemakers, as well as many blending tools. He utterly captivated his assistance with his picturesque language and the authentic accent he inherited after several years in India. At the end of the conference, he offered a wonderful book to students and discussed with them around a tasting of « Ile de Ré » CAMUS Champagne and Cognac Camus, with subtle iodine content. [cycloneslider id="conference-degustation-frederic-dezauzier"]
Aubert de Villaine, sponsor of the 2014 class
Aubert de Villaine, sponsor of the 2014 class
Students of Bordeaux International Wine Institute were pleased to welcome their new sponsor: Mr. Aubert de Villaine, co-owner of the prestigious Domaine de la Romanée-Conti. Aubert de Villaine shared his experience and the many projects he is involved in, including the candidature of Climats de Bourgogne as a UNESCO's World Heritage Site and his fight against wine counterfeiting. The conference was followed by a Bourgogne wines tasting, organised by About the Wine, the wine club of the school. [caption id="attachment_1353" align="aligncenter" width="912"]From left to right: Laurent Bergeruc, Director of INSEEC MSc & MBA Bordeaux, Aubert de Villaine, and Marcello Roudil, Director of Wine programs[/caption] [caption id="attachment_1352" align="aligncenter" width="912"] Mister de Villaine and some members of Wine About[/caption]
Vinexpo 2013: BIWI carried out a Chinese Wine Tasting
Vinexpo 2013: BIWI carried out a Chinese Wine Tasting
From June 16th to 19th, wine and spirits trade professionals met in Bordeaux at the Vinexpo international exhibition.Bordeaux International Wine Institute participated in this long-awaited event by organizing a tasting of Chinese wines at the Vinexpo Tasting Lab. Journalists, students, wholesalers and vineyard owners discovered dry white wines from the Hebei province. They also tasted red wines from Shanxi and Ningxia, and ice wines produced in northeast China.Besides, the tasting offered selling points and anecdotes to these wine lovers. An interactive way to learn more about the first export market of Bordeaux great wines, but also about Franco-Chinese trade and negotiations.
Conference with Bernard Magrez
Conference with Bernard Magrez
On January 31st, students of the Bordeaux International Wine Institute attended a conference held by Bernard Magrez, owner of 40 vineyards throughout the world, including 4 Grands Crus (Château Pape Clément, La Tour Carnet, Fombrauge and Clos Haut Peyraguey). During this meeting, Mr Magrez shared with students his rich experience and gave them some valuable advice for their own careers. At the end of the conference, Mr Magrez and the BIWI concluded a partnership to develop the presence of the businessman at the major events of the school and to promote the integration of students in the Magrez Group. A tasting of 6 wines from Mr Magrez properties finally extended this meeting between wine enthusiasts. Find the best moments of this event on Twitter: #magrez #WACT #inseec #bordeaux Bernard Magrez in a few words As a self-taught man, Bernard Magrez began his career as a wine merchant in the 1960s before founding the Bernard Magrez Group in 1990, and acquiring his first vineyard: Château Pape Clément (one of the oldest Bordeaux Grands Crus). In 2011, he founded the “Institut Culturel Bernard Magrez » Bernard Magrez artistic and cultural patronage. With 40 vineyards around the world bearing his signature, Bernard Magrez now sells 4.5 million bottles per year (1 million of which are Grand Crus). More pictures of the event on Facebook
Conference on wine trainings, at the Vinitech Show
Conference on wine trainings, at the Vinitech Show
On November 28th, the Bordeaux International Wine Institute participated at the Vinitech-Sifel Show dedicated to the wine sector. For this occasion, the School gave a a conference on professional trainings in Wine Marketing and Sales, from the perspective of employability. Read the full report of the conference on the Vitisphère website

France, as the world's foremost consumer and exporter of wine, and the city of Bordeaux have naturally become the home of a school dedicated to the sale and marketing of wines and spirits : the Bordeaux International Wine Institute - INSEEC.

The program is designed to give students the international dimension necessary in this rapidly developing sector, confronted with the new factor of global competition.

MBA in Wine Marketing and Management

The objective of this master's program is to equip the students with the business and technical skills in order to work as highly qualified executives in the wine sector.

Supported by its network of alumni and experts and its close relationship with the major players in the wine growing and production sector, the BIWI has developed its programs around three main axes: professional, international and technical.

Executive Short Program

3-week operational program for executives from related industries eager to improve their knowledge in the wine sector.


  • Aubert de VILLAINE,
    sponsor, class of 2014. Owner and director of the prestigious Domaine de Romanee Conti, he supported the candidature of Climats de Bourgogne as a UNESCO's World Heritage Site and takes part in the fight against wine counterfeiting.

  • Baroness Philippine DE ROTHSCHILD,
    sponsor, class of 2013. As head of the family company Baron Philippe de Rothschild SA, the leading exporter of AOC Bordeaux wines, she has raised the appeal of Mouton Rothschild to new hights

  • Angelo GAJA,
    sponsor, class of 2012. Owner of the domaine La Cantina di Gaja, and leading figure of Italian wine, Angelo Gaja has contributed to the international reputation of Piedmontese wines.

  • Pierre-Emmanuel TAITTINGER,
    sponsor, class of 2011. CEO of the prestigious family run champagne house, Pierre Emmanuel Taittinger came to present his company and brand strategy in a conference.

  • Michel CHAPOUTIER,
    sponsor, class of 2010. As head of The Chapoutier establishment, Michel Chapoutier came to present the history of his seven generation family owned wine business from the Rhone Valley.

  • Pierre CASTEL,
    sponsor, class of 2009 A major player on the world market for wine, beer and carbonated drinks, operating in 80 countries, the Castel Group, under chairman Pierre Castel, is France’s leading wine merchant, with such Bordeaux names as Baron de Lestac and Malesan, and the leading seller of beer in Africa with Flag Spéciale and Castel Beer.

  • Michel ROLLAND,
    sponsor, class of 2008 Celebrated oenologist and winemarker, Michel Rolland is well known not only on the Bordeaux scene, but all over the world, particularly in Italy, the United States, Argentina, etc.

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