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INWine & INSpirits

INWine & INSpirits

Wine and Spirits Knowledge & Tasting Certificates

Master the Wines & Spirits of the World!

INWine and INSpirits are short programs of 2, 3, 4 or 6 days allowing a certificate in wine and spirits knowledge and tasting. They are available on all sites of INSEEC Wine and Spirits Institute (Bordeaux, London, Beaune, Paris) and are delivered in French or in English.

With a truly innovative pedagogy open to new technologies, examples and interactivity INWine and INSpirits are the most modern courses reaching the expectations of any amateur or young professional willing to enhance and certify its skills.

  • CONCEPT: courses conducted in French or in English on the technicalities of wines and spirits production, marketing,and blind tasting.
  • CONCERNED PUBLIC: students, private individuals and professionals interested in the Wine and Spirits Business.
  • TASTINGS: Wines, Spirits and Liqueurs coming from all over the world.
  • DURATION: 2 days, 3 days, 4 days or 6 days.
  • METHOD: Multimedia, Participatory, Hands-On Workshops, Presentation Training.
  • INTERACTIVITY: Questions/Answers, Mix of theoretical demonstrations & Practical experience on the INSEEC campus with extra-curricular missions: tastings, specialized readings, access to multimedia content for further skill development.


INWine A: 2 consecutive days

(Monday/Tuesday or Thursday/Friday)

In two days (6 hours per day with 2 tastings included), come and discover European wines and vines, the art of wine tasting and the basics in wine and food matching.

Open sessions:
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INWine B: 4 days

(4 Saturdays on 1 month)

Develop your knowledge of the world wine, basis in oenology and enhance your senses to develop your skills in wine tasting. These are the objectives of this “intermediate” course on 4 days. INWine B is ending (final day) by a written exam (MCQ) and a blind tasting.

Open sessions:
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INWine C: 2 days

Only for participants with a validated INWine B

2 days for experts! Skills in modern oenology and tasting techniques are taught in this professional session.

Open sessions:
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INSpirits: 3 days

(on Wednesdays during 3 weeks)

3 days exclusively dedicated to the culture, production and tastings of spirits of the world.

Open sessions:
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They recommend the INWine Certification

"A great way to learn about the Wine & Spirits world"

Jennifer DELETRA

Jennifer DELETRA

MBA Wine Marketing & Management, 2013

"INWine is an intense and highly complete course which helped me to understand in more depth the world of Wines & Spirits. Thanks to INWine, I was able to successfully answer my blind tasting question during one of my job interviews. INWine is not only interesting, but also fun and a great way to learn about the Wine & Spirits world with people who share your interests."

"An excellent addition to any wine professional’s tool box"



MBA Wine Marketing & Management

"The INWine Certification is an excellent addition to any wine professional’s tool box. The blending of history, process and tasting provides an excellent foundation for any oenophile. In a short time, the INWine Certification could become an industry standard for overall wine competency."

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