Master the commercial specificities of the wine and spirits sector

The aim of this program is to reinforce students’ knowledge of the basics of administration, law and management, and create the basis of a solid business culture.

Besides extensive teaching, this training includes simulation exercises and workshops to develop a good command of languages and business skills. Students also gain a first significant professional experience, with a long-term internship (5-6 months) and the opportunity to work two company days per week during the course period.

Opportunities after the MBA 1 Wine & Spirits


After the MBA 1 Wine & Spirits, students can enroll in MBA Wine Marketing & Management or MBA Spirits Marketing & Management to reach managerial positions in the wine and spirits sector.


Graduates of this MBA 1 in Wine & Spirits can also choose to enter the workforce at the end of the program. They can become:

Commercial Project Manager

Wine Tourism Manager

Marketing Assistant

Wine Bar Manager

Program Details

This program is taught in french/english or entirely in english.


  • Budget management and financial dashboards

    The objective is to acquire key skills in terms of budget management and reporting. Particular emphasis will be placed on: budget architecture, with the implementation of financial documents, project management control and its link with budget management, creation and management of financial dashboards.

  • Business plan and business creation 

    This module teaches how to create and carry out a business plan: the conception and costing of a project, or the development of a business. Several stages are addressed: feasibility studies, targeting the right market, opportunities and risks, strengths and weaknesses, communication, financing plans and profitability.

  • Management

  • Business strategy

    A precise methodology for analysing customer needs, market structure and competitor dynamics to identify opportunities and threats to the business environment.

  • Marketing

  • Negotiation

    This seminar focuses on negotiation in a national and international context; how participants must take into account the cultural dimension and its impact on international negotiations. National negotiations will focus on the sales process through role play.



  • Intensive English & TOEIC
  • Self Management
  • Computer Courses
  • Business Game


  • B to C Marketing
  • International Business Law
  • International Trade
  • International Marketing
  • Wine Economy
  • Wine Marketing


  • Legal aspects of the wine and spirits sector

    Presentation of wine-growing structures, different forms of companies (form, purpose, interest) and the specific nature of rural leases.

    Basic principles for the protection of wine and spirits brands (particularly toponymic brands).

    Analysis of the applicable rules on customs and excise taxes.

    Detailed presentation of a wine estate transaction.

  • Key players in the wine and spirits sector

    As part of this seminar, professionals from the wine sector (traders, brokers, proprietors, oenologists) will lead workshops.

    They will describe the various challenges of their jobs as well as the expectations of the market.

    Practical cases will be used to illustrate the issues of this industry, based on which the students will submit recommendations to leaders and managers within this sector.

  • International purchasing and logistics of the wine and spirits sectors

    The tools specific to the purchasing strategy.

    Obtaining the best conditions of quality and cost for dry materials (corks, bottles, labels, plastics, wood).

    Set up a logistics circuit.

    Manage financial risks, including currency risk. Study of documentary credits and financial guarantees.

    Timely delivery of wines and spirits, including costs and security.

  • Professional visits

    Visits of castles, traders, tasting…)

  • Wine and Spirits distribution networks

    Analysis of the main markets of the Western European Union, the USA and Asia.

    Trends and Forecasts (IWSR).

    Focus on specific markets.

    The key participants of the distribution: wine merchants, mass distribution, hospitality/restaurants.

    Specificity of the distribution of Bordeaux’s Grands Crus Classés.

    Development of a pricing strategy based on the distribution network.

    Characteristics of the sales of wines and spirits, and issues of e-commerce.


  • A long-term internship (5 to 6 months) to develop business knowledge and understand the specificites of the wine and spirits industries.



Cours en rythme alterné (6 mois)

September to february
3 class days / 2 company days

Full-time internship

march to august

Research paper



Cours en rythme alterné (5 mois)

February to june
3 class days / 2 company days

Full-time internship

July to september

Research paper