Tom Ghoul is a former student of the MBA Luxury Brand Management, Food & Wine, 2014. Today, he is the business manager for the French market of the group François Lurton. It implies a catalogue of 170 vines including ones of Lurton’s group but also wines from a dozen of different countries. In this, Tom manages a network of 75 independent agents mainly working with restaurants and wine shops. This is what we call the traditional network.

To illustrate his words, Tom simply specify: “My goal is that they remember me when they are with customers.”

What he wanted to bring to the students

In order to share his experience, Tom Ghoul went to give a class to the Bachelor Sommelerie, Gastronomie & Luxury Services. Previously buyer for four years for an important group in Bordeaux, he developed a passion for wine, buying and food service industry. According to him, it is more constructive and pleasant to give a class on its experience. In this, he came to give a class on the techniques of purchasing in catering.

The class consisted in two parts. First, a theoretical part to share with them all the apparatus of purchasing. It involves the stocks’ management, wine lists, years or even appellations.

Then, in order to better correlate with his students’ program, Tom proposed them a simulation. They had the exercise of creating their own wine list according to very specific types of restaurants really different from each other. He also emphasized the human side of the subject, and the fact that customers or staff may have complex requirements. Indeed, we must constantly adapt, whether to the customer or our professional environment, while having in-depth knowledge about the market, competition and wines.

Former student, Tom carries on the INSEEC network

The François Lurton group and more globally the Lurton family is a large family in the wine market from Bordeaux. Partners of Inseec Wine & Spirits for many years, the Lurton family welcomes in its company a large family of Inseeccois. Some of Tom’s associates are former INSEEC students. Others are in professional training contract and pursue their training course at INSEEC. It is essential to maintain its professional network, and it is even more important in the wine market. In this, Tom perpetuates this relationship by giving classes to our students and by participating in events such as Business Week or professional Afterworks.

The former student’s advice to new ones

“Don’t be afraid of beginning at the bottom because you have to prove your determination and stay as humble as possible. Your profile will allow your evolution.”