Maximilian RIEDEL was received with the full honors on the 19th february by all the students from the Wine and Spirits 2020 promotion. The 14th sponsor of this promotion is the CEO and Chairman of the prestigious company Riedel which is specialized in wine-tasting glasses.



« you are only good in marketing if you tell the truth »


Riedel, a family business

The Riedel Dynasty began trading in Bohemian crystal glass in the 17th century. Eight generations followed until Claus RIEDEL, who put an end to massive, ornate glasses and invented the egg-shaped, very thin, long-stemmed glass. This was instantly celebrated for its design by customers and museums of modern art. 50 years later, it is still synonymous with elegance and sobriety.

His grandson, Maximilian, has been at the helm of the company since 2013. Sent to the United States for 15 years to “make his weapons”, he comments not without humor and in perfect English: “family business are good as you like each other”.  He adds that it is sometimes more complicated to deal with his father than with his boss…



An original and poetic tasting: “the role of sommelier is to celebrate wine”

This sponsorship ceremony was an opportunity to meet the character and to test Riedel’s famous glasses under real-life conditions. The brand’s ambition is both simple and great: to celebrate wine.  “Glasses are instruments that help you to sell wine. They sublime the taste of the wine. “

So Riedel offers a wide variety of glasses in different shapes; with the right glass for every grape variety. So students started this “oenological experience” by rinsing the three glasses offered with wine. Disrupting. But much better than rinsing with water, as all the specialists would say.

The first wine is poured in equal parts into the 3 glasses. The tasting starts first with the nose.

1st glass: Maximilian, poet of wine and glass, calls upon the smells of childhood and our gustatory imagination.

2nd glass, same wine: you don’t taste, you continue to smell. To everyone’s surprise, the nose has changed!

Same for the 3rd glass. The feeling is totally different. Maximilian tells us that the great Robert Parker, himself, did not give the same note to the same wine served in glasses 1 and 3…

Then follows the tasting: “just kiss and feel the wine”. Minerality or oak, and red fruits… each glass lets out different aromas.




Riedel, a company at the forefront of innovation to adapt to a constantly changing market

The problem is the same for all modern companies: they have to adapt in a rapidly changing world.

In recent years, RIEDEL has had to cope with changing lifestyles:²

– fewer sales to individuals because the old-fashioned wedding lists are coming to an end. Couples are getting married less and later and therefore no longer need to be offered crockery.

– increased sales to catering professionals because city dwellers no longer have the space to stock large wine glasses.  Commitment to the hospitality industry was also strengthened with the launch of a special “Restaurant Sommeliers” range, with reduced cost and increased durability.

Numerous strategic co-branding initiatives were also implemented, including :

  • Coca-Cola glasses, with a shape specifically designed to enhance its aromas.
  • cups in Nespresso tasting glasses
  • glasses for the Union des Grands Crus de Bordeaux.


The glasses and decanters developed by the brand have won numerous design awards. Cocktail sets, especially gin and tonic glasses, account for a significant portion of the Company’s sales.


A fine example of the combination of passion and inspiration at the service of the company for all our students !