La Revue du Vin de France, one of the most important French wine magazines, has recently published a survey on the best trainings to work in the wine industry.

In this survey, the magazine describes the wine sector, highlighting its dynamism in terms of employment and its recruitments needs in many disciplines such as business, law, finance, marketing, management, etc. It also mentions the internationalization of the sector and, therefore, of the wine trainings.

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Analyzing these trainings, la Revue du Vin de France classifies the MBA Wine Marketing & Management offered by BIWI/INSEEC in its selection of “degrees in business” and “degrees for leadership positions”.

The survey also recognizes the powerful network of Bordeaux International Wine Institute, since the school benefits from a good implementation through its alumni network and annually appoints a leading figure from the wine world sponsor of the new cohort.

As an illustration of the international career paths offered by these wine trainings, the report presents the story of a young Chinese graduate, Meng Zhao, who followed the MBA Wine Marketing & Management. Since her graduation, she worked at the Bordeauxthèque des Galeries Lafayette à Paris and plans to work in Paris or Beijing in the near future.