Did you know?

The World’s Best Sommelier Competition has been in existence since 1969. The competition facilitates exchanges between many restaurant and hostelry professionals, motivates them to perfect their skills and allow the sommelier profession to become better known by the public at large.

To bring 2014 to a close, Wine About organised a conference on the World Wine Web along with the best sommelier in Sweden in 2001, in Europe in 2004 and in the world in 2007 : Mr  Andreas Larsson.

A lot of hard work is required beforehand to obtain the title of Best Sommelier with in-depth knowledge of vinification and viticulture, service techniques (particularly presentability) and presentation (description of the wine, its characteristics and its history etc). Blind tastings were very important for him as they enabled him to go beyond the biases connected with the names, labels or even the appellations.

Despite his title and his reputation, he continues to be the sommelier and the director for wines in the highly prestigious restaurant, PM & Vänner in Växjö in Suède. He supervises the team of sommeliers and works in close collaboration with the chef concerning the menus, the wines and the dishes. He also manages the wine cellar with 700 bottles, containing liquid gold from all over the world.

This evening finished with tastings of world wines originating from different countries: South Africa, Chile, Turkey, Greece, Austria, German and Portugal…

Thanks to the application Tasted 100% Blind, the guests were able to give a ‘QR code’ to the bottles so that they could compare their tasting impressions and experiences with those of Andreas Larsson.

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