On Wednesday, October 22nd the entire team of the Bordeaux International Wine Institute and the members of the Wine About club had the pleasure to welcome Gerard Bertrand, the new patron of the 2014 Wine&Spirits promotion.

Gérard Bertrand, a former top rugbyplayer, who calls himself “a man from the South”, now owns 11 properties in the Languedoc and exports his wines to more than 100 countries. Gérard Bertrand is a pioneer of the organic and Biodynamic movement, he gives his wines a « lifestyle » by organizing events around jazz, food etc …

Many former students from the BIWI are now working with him, and he is always looking for new staff. The conference was followed by a tasting of 5 of his wines including its famous Château l’Hospitalet.


Did you know?

Biodynamics differs from organic agriculture in that it takes into account lunar and planetary rhythms.

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