Pierre-Emmanuel Taittinger, Sponsor of the 2011 class

The Bordeaux International Wine Institute – INSEEC is proud to host Pierre Emmanuel Taittinger as sponsor of the Master in Wine Marketing & Management, 2011 class. Pierre Emmanuel Taittinger, the head of the family owned prestigious champagne Taittinger came to present his company and brand strategy in a conference on Wednesday October 13 at the INSEEC Group Campus in Bordeaux.

He surprised and charmed the over-crowded amphitheatre of 250 people: students, journalists and key figures in the wine & spirits industry with his dynamic discourse.

Pierre Emmanuel Taittinger delivered a confident summary of how he was able to buy over the champagne branch of the family owned business from group Starwood. The company has proved successful already with an annual turnover of more than 90 Million € and a return on equity of 14% for 1st term of this year.

“It’s a love story” he declared and the luxury indeed of being able to work with such a fantastic product – and all it embodies- in a truly authentic and traditional way.

We were all delighted to spend time with this extraordinary figure and taste his great champagne on the terrace of the school.

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