Article sur Jérémy Estoueigt, diplômé du Bordeaux International Wine InstituteLa République des Pyrénées has recently published an article on Jeremy Estoueigt, BIWI graduate (Bachelor, 2011) and co-manager of the EARL Domaine Larroudé. The article focuses on the career of this winemaker’s son, who chose to work in the wine sector from the high school.

After a BTS in viticulture and oenology, Jérémy joined the Bachelor program of the Bordeaux International Wine Institute in 2010 in order to « discover the sales and marketing side » of the wine sector.

Graduated in 2011, Jeremy now puts his marketing knowledge to good use in his family farm located in the Béarn. He has operated a successful shift when he decided to produce and sell six varieties of table grapes. His gamble paid off!

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