Each year MBA1 Wine Marketing and Management students attend Susie Bridger’s classes of English Business. One of the aims of this course is to create and develop a blog about wine business. This year’s best blog was awarded to « Cheap Drunk Gourmet ». The Christie’s Encyclopedia of Champagne and Sparkling Wine was offered as the prize..

Runners up were: Gossip Wines and Inspector Gadget .


Susie Bridger congratulated all the M1 Wine students for taking part in what was one of the best quality “ vintages ” in wine blogs. It was really hard for the readers to choose the winner because the level in general was just so superior to previous years.

Many of them created a huge buzz with over 4000 hits since December. Better and improved use of social networks, sense of energy and team spirit, interesting content, design and layout improvement over time…were some of the key elements that went into picking a winner. Many blogs were simply a really pleasant read with a sense of real people behind the blog which made us all look forward to coming back for more every week.

Many thanks to Sandrine and Charles Werner (http://thestrategists.fr/) for their results-driven social network coaching on this project.